Artist Statement

I like to work in clay or wax to prepare for my bronzes. When working in clay a mould needs to be made in order to create the wax. With this process an edition can be produced. When working directly in wax only one sculpture will be cast. The waxes are prepared at the foundry by investing them with layers of a fireproof chemically setting aggregate. Heat is applied to remove the wax from the interior. The mould is then inverted so that the molten bronze may be poured in to it create the bronze sculpture. Once the sculpture is cast in bronze I enjoy cleaning, burnishing and applying the patina, giving each piece my own touch.

Art Medallions are now a part of my oeuvre. These touchable bronze pieces are designed to be hand held. They may be used as commemorative pieces, awards or purely art pieces. The medallic designs can be used as images for currency. Medallions are produced world wide. As the Canadian delegate for FIDEM (The International  Federation of Art Medallions) I invite you to browse their website www.fidem-medals.org/  


Pomegranate Chalice (1) Trio (2) and Sybil of the Vines (3).

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